R.A.D. Exam & Class Presentations

R.A.D. Fees

Fees due January 22

Pre-Primary - $83.00

Primary - $87.00

Grade 1H - $91.00

Grade 2 - $102.00

Grade 3 - $108.00

Grade 5 - $118.00

Repertoire Level 3 - $95.00

Intermediate - $140.00

Advanced 2 - $253.00

Advanced 2 - RAD Member - $168.00

(A Rad Member is when a student pays a yearly membership fee to the Academy)


Checks payable to The Conservatory of Movement


Fees due no later than January 22

Please check with Miss Miriam/Miss Barbara if your student is participating in R.A.D. this session.


Examination schedule is TBD but will be held on March 9-12, 2022.


R.A.D. Presentations/Exams are NOT during regular class times.

Coaching classes begin in February. $10.00 due at time of coaching.  One parent may attend.

COACHING SESSIONS: Each examination and presentation group will have one mandatory coaching session/mock exam to help prepare students for the unique testing environment, protocols, and spacing. Parents are invited to sit in on these sessions to see the progress their dancers have made. Schedule and details will be posted closer to the coaching dates. The cost is $10.00 payable at the time of coaching session.

Schedule to be announced...

R.A.D. Group Coaching Sessions

R.A.D. Exam Schedule

Please arrive at the studio 30 minutes prior to scheduled exam time with hair done. 

One parent should attend, no siblings allowed. 

March 9-12 - Schedule to be announced.