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Welcome Back!

We are having an open house on Friday, August 17 from 4:00-5:30pm for registration. Here is the registration form. If you can't make it Friday, please bring with you to the first class. Registration fee is $50.00.

Classes begin on Saturday, August 18th! Here is the class schedule (note that errors have been corrected for Primary on Saturday and Funk on Friday). CLASS SCHEDULE

We look forward to seeing everyone again! Judys Dance Shoppe has all our required uniforms, so please head out there soon in case they need to make any special orders.

August tuition is due at the first class and is half of regular monthly tuition rates (ie: for one class per week regular monthly tuition is $55 but is only $27.50 for August).

Lastly, we would love to hear about your summer dance experiences! Please share some stories about dance camps or vacations. Forward Eve any dance pictures that you'd like us to share on social media at Here is a photo of Miss Barbara with Abbie Tate in the Peruvian rainforest teaching outreach ballet classes.

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