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Special Schedule 4/9-13

Due to Alice in Wonderland production week.

(Monday, April 8 – all regular class time)

Tuesday, April 9

4:00pm G3 regular time

4:00pm G4 cancelled please attend at 5:00pm

5:00pm G5 & G4 combined

5:00pm CDT cancelled

6:00pm Major and Intermediate combined

Wednesday, April 10

3.45pm G1 regular time

3.45pm G4 cancelled attend 3:30 Thursday

4:30pm G2 regular time

5:15pm Grade 5 cancelled attend 3:30 Thursday

5:30pm Jazz regular time

6:30pm Jazz cancelled please attend at 5:30pm

6:30pm Marty cancelled

Thursday, April 11

10.30am preschool regular class

3:30pm Intermediate regular time with Grade 4 &5

4:00pm G1H regular time with Grade 3

5.00pm G3 Cancelled please attend at 4:00pm

5:00pm Funk regular class

6:00pm Majors cancelled

Friday, April 12

3:30 adv Found cancelled

4:30 Funk regular time

4:30 pointe regular time

5:30 Intermediate cancelled

Saturday, April 13

All classes at regular time

10:30 No major class

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