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Getting back to dance.

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

We are thinking ahead for when the Conservatory will be able to open. Below is some "light-reading" material to get us ready. We obviously are waiting for much more detailed guidelines and regulations from the governor and will adjust as necessary when the information is available. For communication and simplicity purposes, we will always be referring to your dancers’ current grade level from the 2019-2020 year. A new schedule will eventually be posted to allow for cleaning between classes and reduced class sizes. The below guidelines are for Grades 1 and up and will be reevaluated for our younger students. We hope that starting to share this information now will help with a smooth transition when we open. Rest assured that your dancer's safety is our top priority and we will continue to send out updates as more information becomes available. Sincerely, Miss Miriam & Miss Barbara

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedure:

  • Wait in car until time for class. No curbside drop-off or pick-up.

  • Parents will walk children to main entrance for drop-off.

  • Dancers should arrive in dance attire and wear regular clothes over dance clothes as usual when walking from car to studio. No changing in dressing rooms or restrooms.

  • No class observation. Nobody is allowed in the lobby except students and instructors. No parents, siblings, friends, etc.

  • Students must be collected immediately following the end of class. Parents will walk to main entrance to pick up child.

Getting Ready for Class: Masks should be worn at all times. (*) Upon entering the lobby, dancers will stand at one of the numbered spots along the walls and wait for instructor to call their number. They can also place any belongings here. Once their number is called, they will then sanitize hands before entering the studio and proceed to take their place at the corresponding number at the barre. *Mask Protocol TBD: Depending on government regulations and/or personal and teacher preference.

Time for Dance:

  • Places at the barre and center are marked with tape and a number, all with a 6-foot circumference.

  • Teachers also have 6-foot area around stereo, the front of the classroom, and columns between barres.

  • Tactile feedback will not be used. Only verbal feedback and demonstrations.

  • Class will consist of barre work and limited center work. Center work will be reduced to self-space movement and non-travelling technique only so as to maintain 6-feet between dancers.

  • Recital dances will be choreographed with social distancing in mind:

  • No hand holding, no partnering, no connected shapes

  • No props

  • Spatial pathways will be limited

  • A water-break will be allocated between barre and center.

Studio Measurements (NOT TO SCALE): We have measured the studios for barre and center work with at least 6-feet between each dancer (and more in some areas).

Restroom Use:

  • Only available to students and instructors during class times.

  • Single use only.

  • After use, must follow sanitizing protocols:

  • Wipe toilet handle, stall handle, door handle, light switch

  • Wash hands

  • Sanitize hands

End of Class:

At the end of class, students will exit the studio and stand at their lobby number again. Parent’s will be waiting at the main entrance (also keeping social distance guidelines in mind). One and a time, a parent will enter the front door and their child will then be dismissed. After all are picked up, the instructor will sanitize the studio and lobby in preparations for the following class.

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