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Masks will be required during class for ages 10 and up

Per Governor Sisolak's mandate yesterday, we will be updating our mask policy.  Many dancers have already been wearing masks during class, but now will be required to wear the mask for the duration of class if age 10 and up.  For ages 9 and under, masks usage is highly encouraged but will not be required for attendance.  In addition, we are now taking temperatures before class with an infrared/no-touch thermometer.   Pre-Primary class, please email Miss Miriam at if you are planning on attending, otherwise this class will be cancelled for July.  Lastly, the Funk 2 class been cancelled. Funk 1 is still on Fridays at 3:30pm, however, we need at least 4 dancers to attend in order to continue offering in July.  Thank you all for your diligence during these unusual times. By all following the new protocols we will be maintaining a safe dance and learning environment.

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