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Spring Recital at the Pioneer Center: Sat June 10

Recital Time Class Assignments

2:00pm Recital

Approximate Run Time; 60 Minutes

Sat Pre-School



Grade 1

Grade 1 Honors

Grade 2

Jazz 1 & 2

Marty/Deena’s Monday Jazz

Mr. Maykel’s Group

Miss Eve’s Wednesday Group

Alle Senior Solo

Jocelyn Senior Solo

Fayth Senior Solo

Waltz from Merry Widow

7:00pm Recital

Approximate Run Time; 90 minutes

Grade 3

Grade 4

Miss Barbara's Majors (All pieces)

Alle Senior Solo

Jocelyn Senior Solo

Fayth Senior Solo

Mr. Kris's Group

Mr. Kris's Adv. Foundation

Ms. Julie's Group

Marty/Deena's CDT

Sarah Contemporary

These lists are not in running order.

Please show respect for the performers and teach our students proper theater

etiquette by staying throughout the entire recital.

Rehearsal Schedule

All rehearsals are held at the

Pioneer Center on Saturday, June 10

  • Enter through the “Stage Door” on the corner of Center and State Streets.  The main entrance will be closed. 

  • Parents will stay backstage during rehearsals.

  • Arrive on time: The Pioneer stage may be disorientating for many new and young dancers.  All performers must attend the rehearsal for placement and staging.  We need all students safe backstage.

  • No Costumes: Dancers may rehearse in T-shirt, shorts and ballet shoes.

  • Do not park on the Pioneer reserved parking area  – for employees only. Visit for a detailed parking map.  Please allow plenty of time for parking.

9:00am     Grade 2 - Miriam 

9:30am     Jazz 1 & 2 - Lauren 

9:45am     Mr. Maykel Group  

10:15am   Grade 1H - Miriam 

10:30am   Grade 1 - Sarah 

10:50am   Pre-Primary - Miriam 

11:15am   Primary - Sarah              

11:30am   Wed 4:30 – Eve/Katarina                         

12:00pm   Monday Jazz Fosse – Marty & Deena 

12:20pm   Jocelyn, Alle, Fayth solos - Missy, Barbara

                 Waltz from Merry Widow - Barbara 


1:00pm   Stage Cleared - Pre-set

1:30pm   House Opens / Seating Begins 

2:00pm   Recital 


3:30pm    Thursday Pointe – Julie 

3:45pm    Grade 4 – Eve/Kelly 

4:00pm    Grade 3 – Kelly 

4:15pm    Contemporary – Sarah   

4:30pm    CDT – Circle of Life - Marty & Deena

4:45pm    Mr. Kris Group and Adv Foundation  

5:00pm    Majors Barbara/Missy

6:15pm    Cast Finale (Majors only)

6:30pm    Stage Cleared - Pre-set

6:40pm    House Opens / Seating Begins 

7:00pm    Recital 

Spring Recital – Saturday, June 10, 2023
Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts


Recital tickets go on sale Tuesday, May 23, 2023 at 11am



  • $28.00* in advance

  • $35.00* day of show

Children 3-12 years

  • $20.00* in advance

  • $28.00* day of show

Children Under 3 Free but must see box office for a comp lap ticket


*Ticket prices include the $3.00 Facility Fee and 9% Entertainment Tax.

*Ticket prices DO NOT include processing fees or convenience fees.


Tickets Online:

Box Office Hours, Mon-Fri 10am-4pm and 2 hours prior to showtimes.

Tickets by phone: (775) 434-1050


  • Each family will receive one comp ticket which will be handed out at the Conservatory.  Please keep these safe as they are non-replaceable.

  • Performers do not need a ticket to enter.

  • Seating is general admission and will begin 30 minutes prior to show times.  Lobbies will open 1 hour prior to show times.


Other Information


  • Dancers will arrive with you in costume with make-up and hair fully done. They will enter through the front of the theater with you.  Do not drop off your dancer backstage!

  • Major students may enter backstage and sign in at security.

  • Pre-School through Grade 1H will sit with you in the audience to watch the recital and will be called up to the stage when it is time for them to perform. Grade 2 and up will sit with their classmates in designated rows in Section A to watch the recital.  Majors will be backstage.

Recital Ticket Information

Photo Schedule

At the Conservatory Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4


Please arrive only 15 minutes before your scheduled picture time. We suggest that hair and makeup be done before arriving at the Conservatory.  Any students unable to attend their scheduled class photo time can take their individual photograph at any time during the times below.  Checks are payable Denson Muffley Photography and Package Order Forms will be available to pick up at the studio. Photos will be ready to pick up at Conservatory in August when the school opens.


2:45–3:00 Senior Photo

3:00–3:30 Sarah Contemporary

3:30–4:00 Marty Jazz4

:00–4:30 Majors Last Name A-M

4:30–5:00 Majors Last Name N-Z


10:00–10:30 Pre-School

10:30–10:45 Grade 1

10:45–11:00 Pre-Primary

11:00–11:20 Grade 4

11:20–11:50 Grade 2

11:50–12:10 Break

12:10–12:30 Jazz 1 & Jazz 2

12:30–12:45 Primary

12:45–1:00 Grade 3

1:00–1:15 Grade 1 H

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