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Recital Rehearsal Schedule

All Rehearsals will be at the Pioneer Center on Saturday, June 9, 2018

  • Enter through the “Stage Door” on the corner of Center and State Streets. The main entrance will be closed. Parents will stay backstage during rehearsals.

  • Arrive on time: The Pioneer stage may be disorientating for many new and young dancers. All performers must attend the rehearsal for placement and staging. We need all students safe backstage.

  • No Costumes: Dancers may rehearse in T-shirt, shorts and ballet shoes.

  • Do not park on the Pioneer Pad – for employees only. Visit for a detailed parking map. Please allow plenty of time for parking.

8:30am Jazz 1 - Jen

8:45am Jazz 2 - Jen

9:00am Grade 1 Honors

9:20am Grade 4 - Eve

10:00am Primary

10:20am Pre-Primary

10:40am Grade 1

11:00am Grade 2

11:30am Marty (both pieces)

12:00pm Kris (Beatles)

12:30pm Majors (only pieces in the 2pm)

1:00pm Rehearsals Finish / Lobby Opens

1:30pm House Opens / Seating Begins

2:00pm Recital

3:30pm Grade 3 - Kelly

3:45pm Adv 2 - Eve

4:00pm Intermediate - Maykel

4:15pm Kris (Trio)

4:30pm Lyrical - Mandy

4:45pm Majors and Grade 5 (All Napoli)

5:30pm Lobby Opens

6:00pm Rehearsals Finish / Seating Begins

6:30pm Recital

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