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Recital Times & Ticket Information

Which recital is my dancer performing in?

The Conservatory of Movement’s Annual Spring Recital will be held at the

Pioneer Center for Performing Arts on Saturday, June 9, 2018

2:00pm Recital

Approximate Run Time: 60 minutes

Thursday 10:30 Pre-school

Saturday 10:30 Pre-school



Grade 1

Grade 1 Honors

Grade 2

Jazz 1

Marty Jazz (Pointe)

CDT Mr. Kris Beatles

CDT Napoli excerpt

Adv 2 Napoli excerpt

6:30pm Recital

Approximate Run Time: 90 minutes

Grade 3

Grade 4

Jazz 2


Marty Jazz (both pieces)

Intermediate Mr. Maykel

Miss Eve Adv 2

CDT Mr. Kris Beatles

Senior Trio

Majors & Grade 5 Napoli

*These lists are not in running order

Please show respect for the performers and teach our students proper theater etiquette by staying throughout the entire recital.

Recital Ticket Information

Spring Recital – Saturday, June 9, 2018 Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts

Recital tickets go on sale Monday, May 21, 2018 at 11am

Adults $20.00* in advance $25.00* day of show

Children 3-12 years $15.00* in advance $20.00* day of show

Children Under 3 Free but must see box office for a comp lap ticket

Tickets by Phone: 1-866-553-6605 Pioneer Box Office: (775) 686-6600 Pioneer Box Office Hours: M-F 11AM-6PM & 2hrs prior to show

*Additional fees may apply depending on method of purchase – the most affordable way to purchase tickets is in person and in advance at the Pioneer Center Box Office

  • Each family will receive one comp ticket which will be handed out at the Conservatory. Please keep these safe as they are non-replaceable.

  • Performers do not need a ticket to enter.

  • Seating is general admission and will begin 30 minutes prior to show times. Lobbies will open 1 hour prior to show times.

Other Information

  • Dancers will arrive with you in costume with make-up and hair fully done. They will enter through the front of the theater with you. Do not drop off your dancer backstage!

  • Pre-school through Grade 1 Honors will sit with you in the audience to watch the recital and will be called up to the stage when it is time for them to perform. Grade 2 and up will sit with their classmates in designated rows in Section A to watch the recital.

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